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TorqMaster designs and manufacturers friction, torsion, damping and torque hinges for a variety of applications. Our friction hinges are engineered to eliminate free-play and spring back while supplying consistent torque. We offer focused customer service and engineering, our specialty for over 30 years. All of our hinges are made in the U.S.A. by us and shipped worldwide. We offer stock, semi-custom, and full custom torque hinge designs. We are ISO registered; RoHS, Reach, and Conflict Minerals compliant.

Standard Friction Hinges

Our most popular torque hinges — based on shaft diameter and housing style — are available and easily integrated into new designs, eliminating the need for tooling and development programs for a majority of projects.  

Custom Friction Hinges

Need a custom hinge? We can help you design the optimal housing, mounting configuration, materials and torque for your specialty hinge needs. Using another hinge? Drop-in replacement hinges can enhance product performance while reducing costs.

Supporting Multiple Industries Including:

Aviation / Aerospace

Medical Equipment



Rail / Transportation 

Our torque hinges are typically supplied to equipment manufacturers and can be found in medical monitors, electronics, computers, lab equipment, instruments, vehicle interiors, aircraft displays, seats and tray tables, server racks, and printers.