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How to Select a Friction Hinge for Your Application

We have a large variety of designs to choose from. You can browse our website for ideas and relative size but your best move is to contact our team to discuss your needs. Considerations and questions we will ask of you might include:

  • What is the total weight being supported by the hinge?
  • Tell us the basic size dimensions of the LCD, door, lid, or monitor – is it a touchscreen?
  • Where are you planning the hinge location (top, center, side)?
  • What is the basic movement profile (rotating about horizontal or vertical axis)?
  • At what angle and/or range do you need the hinge to hold positions?
  • Do you need a lift assist function in the hinge?
  • Have you defined your life cycle requirements?
  • Are there any specific environmental or cosmetic requirements you have identified? Is it used in the extreme cold or heat, in a broad temperature range, or in salty, greasy, or dusty environment.
  • Please tell us your expected timing, and build requirements with volumes.
  • Can you provide us with a sketch or 3-D solid (IGES, STEP) of the application you are working on to help us better evaluate your needs and make a recommendation?

We have a great deal of experience and are willing to sign your (Bi-lateral) NDA. We are very careful with our customer’s information.

Use our Torque Calculator to determine the proper figures that indicates the right TorqMaster hinge series.