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Positioning Hinge Applications

Our positioning hinges are being used in the Medical, Automotive, Transportation, Consumer, Industrial, Electronics to Aerospace and Defense markets and have even been sent into space. If you don’t see your application listed, please contact us so we can review your needs.  

The most common point of reference is the hinges used for adjusting and positioning laptop displays. Our customers are creative and our positioning hinges can be found in additional applications such as positioning LCD panels, POS terminals, medical equipment, cameras, lamps, protective covers, access panels and doors…. Anywhere you need an object to pivot and “Stay Put”.

With a precision-engineered approach we can meet your technical, budgetary, and aesthetic parameters and can guarantee the exact performance, durability and quality “feel” you require.

Leading Brands Choose TorqMaster for their Positioning Hinge Needs

Our hinges have been used in many superior products produced by IBM, Apple, Phillips, Becton Dickinson, Motorola, FORD, Nissan, and others who regularly depend on our flexibility, technical expertise and product quality.

Design Houses

TorqMaster has been partnering with product designers and engineers since inception, collaborating on an extensive range of products for consumer and commercial applications. 

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In Medical applications our hinges have seen service in positioning LCDs, Display/Monitor Covers, Arms, Access Panels, Doors and Medical Carts.

Featured Application Briefs:
> Dental Office Workstation Bin

> Portable, Integrated Life Support System

> Organ Transporters


Friction-Hinges Automotive

In Automotive applications our positioning hinges have seen service in positioning Displays, Center Consoles, Head Rests, Seat Arms, Dash Access Panels, and Cargo Doors.

Information Technology

In IT applications our hinges have been used in Laptop Displays, KVM and Rack Mount Displays, Instrument Displays and Sensors.

Laboratory Equipment

In Laboratory applications our hinges have used in Analytical Instruments, Centrifuge Covers, Moisture Meters Cover, and Torque Sensing Equipment Hoods.

Aerospace and Defense

These customers have used our positioning hinges in Rugged Enclosures, Displays, and Keyboard Mounts.

> Ruggedized Computer Systems


TorqMaster hinges are in Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Ships where they are used for a wide variety of applications.

Industrial Production

Production Machinery and Equipment, Packaging Equipment, Machine Manufacturing Tools and Assembly Fixtures, Industrial Enclosures, Gaming Machines, Retail Displays.

> Textile Production Machinery


Kitchen Appliances, Office Furniture, Lamps, Recreational, and more.

> Heirloom Quality Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

> Deer Blinds

Don't See Your Hinge Application Featured?

Shown above are the most popular industries and applications for our high quality positioning hinges. If you don’t see yours featured, please reach out to us today to discuss your requirements.