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Friction Hinge Application Brief:

Heirloom Quality Wooden Play Kitchen Sets

Market: Consumer/Toys
Customer: Milton & Goose

Specialty toymaker Milton & Goose approached TorqMaster a few years ago with an unusual request  they needed to find a solution for their wooden play kitchen sets that would allow the child to control the speed with which the “oven” door opened. 

TorqMaster developed a semi-custom solution using off-the-shelf components. The hinge was designed with a custom torque setting, to meet the application’s mounting and motion requirements. It was nickel plated, giving additional wear and corrosion resistance, in line with the brand’s mission to create exceptional quality toys that are engineered and built to last for generations.

In the words of Milton and Goose’s Founder:
“TorqMaster immediately rose to the challenge and helped us prototype and iterate over the course of a few months until we found the perfect solution. What had been a massive pain point in our design was solved thanks to TorqMaster’s creative problem-solving and expertise. 

We were so impressed with TorqMaster’s enthusiasm for our project, knowledge about their product, and patience through the process. We still use their hinges on our products and continue to be satisfied with not only the high quality hardware, but the incredible customer service and team. 

As an American manufacturer ourselves, we take great pride in working with local, US-based manufacturers. TorqMaster has been a home run for us!”

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