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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a friction hinge with a custom mounting?
Yes – The manufacturing process for the components that make our friction hinges can be very tooling intensive. We can make a custom configuration when the program volumes make the dedicated tooling cost effective. Short of a custom mount – we often adapt our hinge “engines” to fit applications with a Semi-Custom solution where one or several lower cost components are customized.

Are your products RoHS and REACH compliant? 
Yes – We are compliant with RoHS and REACH directives, as well as conflict mineral requirements.

How long do your hinges last?
We rate our hinges for 30,000 to 50,000 cycles of typical life. This is the equivalent of moving the hinges 11 to 20 times per day, every day, over 7 years. We have tested out hinges out to far higher cycle counts without issue. Please consult our life-test graphs for more information.

Do your hinges have the same torque in both directions?
Yes-AND-No – We offer balanced and unbalanced torque configurations. Some designs offer both balanced or unbalanced, some offer only balanced, and some are only unbalanced (30% less torque in 1 direction). We also have configurations with essentially zero torque in one direction.

If I want less life or reliability will my hinges cost less?
No – The precision engineering and manufacturing that allows us to make hinges with tight tolerances and long life are required to make the product. There are no corners to cut.

Do you make hinges that can route wires or cables?
Yes – We have made hinges for several applications that route wires or cables through a “hollow shaft hinge”. Please contact our engineering group for your specific needs. Often, the deciding factor for size and feasibility is not the cable size, but the connector. 

Do you make continuous hinges?
No – We do not. We have several discrete designs that can be used in sets to emulate the mounting of a continuous hinge and provide torque.

Can I adjust the torque on my hinges?
No – All of our hinges are set at the factory to precise tolerances during our manufacturing and assembly process. We do have one adjustable torque hinge rated for very high force.

If I need less torque do the hinges cost less?
Our hinges are priced per configuration and per order volumes. We will work with you to specify the best and lowest priced hinge solution for your application. The torque value within a configuration is not a consideration in the price of that hinge.

What maintenance is required on your hinges?
None. Our hinges are designed to be maintenance free and provide stable consistent resistance to motion for many, many years of use.