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Friction Hinge Application Brief:

Deer Blinds

Market: Consumer/Recreational
Customer: US-Based Hunting Products Manufacturer

A leading US-based hunting products manufacturer came to us with designs for an improved window system for their hunting blinds. They requested our assistance in sourcing a friction hinge that allows the window to open all the way, and stay in position without a fastener or latch to secure it. 

TorqMaster supplied a few rounds of samples that would best meet their requirements. Initially, they chose our SB 200 SB 101-LOW and SB 200 SB 102-LOW. Several years later, they updated the design. The newer versions required larger mounting holes, and they switched over to the SB 200 SB 111-1 SB 200 SB 112-1.

TorqMaster has supplied this company with reliable hinges for hunting for many years and remains committed to the company’s ever-changing needs as they continue to develop and grow their product offerings.

Deer Blind Friction Hinges
Hunting Blind Interior

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