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Product Description:

The SB 200 SB 204/205 hinges are available from 5 – 45 in/lbs. This hinge meets or exceeds life testing within specifications to 30,000+ cycles. Designed with 360° shaft rotation, this hinge can pivot and stay put in any position. We offer 100% product testing. You will experience a smooth and consistent “feel” over life of this product. Corrosion protection is available. The SB 200 SB 204/205 are available in Un-Balanced torque.


  • 360 degree shaft rotation:  pivot and stay put in any position
  • Available Torques:
    – 5.0 – 45.0 Inch Pounds
    – unbalanced torque
  • Slim profile with solid mounting geometry
  • Minimal Springback
  • Minimal Backlash


  • Long Stable Cycle Life
  • Smooth, steady feel over life of product
  • Consistent performance
  • Tighter packaging for smaller applications
  • Available for immediate delivery (volume restricted)
  • No tooling charge
  • Corrosion protection available

Additional Info: