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TorqMaster OEM Stock Friction Hinges

TorqMaster offers families of stock friction hinges that have been developed and fine tuned over many years. We have chosen our most popular friction hinges and have assembled them into families based on shaft diameter and housing style. They can be easily integrated into new designs, eliminating the need for expensive tooling and development programs.

 Hinge FamilyTorque Range Single Housing
(inch – pounds)
Torque Range Double Housing
(inch – pounds)
Life Test Data (Click To Enlarge)
SB-188 Series2,5,7 in.-lb.4,10,14 in.-lb.
SB-188 Series Type 20.5-6.0 in.-lb.1.0-12.0 in.-lb.
ZE-188 Series1 to 4 in.-lb.2 to 8 in.-lb.
ZC-188 Series4 to 8 in.-lb. 
Torqmaster SB 200 SB 101 Friction HingeSB-200 Series3 to 20 in.-lb.Contact us to inquire
ZC-250 Series7 to 14 in.-lb.balanced
10 to 17 in.-lb. unbalanced
ZE-375 Series15 to 30 in.-lb. balanced
20 to 40 in.-lb. unbalanced
30 to 60 in.-lb.balanced
40 to 80 in.-lb. unbalanced
MA-685 SeriesAdjustable to 100 in.-lb.


All TorqMaster friction hinges feature:

  • Balanced or Unbalanced Torque – specify the torque & torque direction required.
  • Available in right or left hand configurations
  • All hinges meet and exceed life testing to 30,000 cycles.
  • Corrosion protection available
  • Minimal or no springback
  • No backlash
  • 360 degree shaft rotation – pivot and stay put in any position
  • Ability to mix and match housings & shafts / adapters to fit exact requirements
  • 100% product testing available – min / max and average torque
  • Smooth, consistent feel over hinge lifetime

Hinge Specifications

Features: TorqMaster hinges have no backlash or free play and minimal springback. Friction elements are spring steel. Corrosion protection is available. Please inquire regarding hinge conductivity. All shafts rotate 360 degrees. All hinges feature constant torque over life (30,000-plus cycles typical). TorqMaster hinges are assembled from inventory for fast delivery with no tooling charges.

Applications: Laptop & notebook computers, Flat panel & LCD display mounting & positioning, Medical equipment, Protective covers, Access panels, Office equipment, Control Panels, Cameras, Computer peripherals, anything that has to pivot….and stay put!

Call us: Please fax drawings of your project to our sales department. Our engineers will help you choose the appropriate hinge, torque and torque directions or detent options. Custom Hinges or variations of stock designs are available for higher volume OEM applications, however a semi-custom shaft in a standard housing can often solve many design challenges.

* All TorqMaster hinges are available in balanced (same torque in both directions) or unbalanced (higher torque in one direction with approximately 35% less in other direction) and in left and right hand configurations (mirror image of shaft exiting housing)